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Mat Miller | mat1t (b.1985, UK) - Streaming Eyes / Fluidity

Ginger, peaceful (and odd!), Mat Miller is a UK based young artist. Bold, ethereal, offbeat, Mat’s artwork rarely carries any deep personal feelings or expressions. “Maybe on a subconscious level there is hidden feelings but none that I’m aware of. I only wish to make art that other people will appreciate. If my work sparks feelings within other people then that is brilliant but to be honest I think far too many artists are caught up in themselves and that’s just not my cup of tea.” Mat likes to get out with his camera to gather ideas and reference shots. As well as the beautiful outdoors he gains inspiration from the more bizarre world of humans! “Walking around antiques shops is always fun. It’s like a sensory overload sometimes. From the art and design world, I’m influenced by lots of contemporary street art as well as the lowbrow art and illustration movement that is so popular right now. My favourite artist is Camille Rose Garcia.” You can visit Mat’s Tumblr, Facebook and shop for more work and news. (Interview with artist by ARTchipel Apr-2012)

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